Recycled Terra Cotta Paver Floor Tiles


Traditional Materials’ Terra Cotta


Antique, Handmade and Reclaimed


At Traditional Materials we strive to provide the highest quality of materials and at the very best prices offered. We source our Terra Cotta from all over the world, but primarily from Italy, France, Spain and Portugal. Terra Cotta means made from the earth and is normally fired in wood burning kilns.  The colors range from dark browns, reds, roses, salmons to light ochre’s and yellows. 

Mostly unglazed and used for flooring, ornamentation, statues, pot and urns.  Some of the terra cotta we have sourced dates back to the 17th century.


Recycled Terra Cotta “paver floor tiles” offers an attractive flooring choice for a warm, rustic Mediterranean look. Walking on these tiles is a pure sensory experience, with each antique tile being different in texture, color and shape. Having endured centuries-long foot traffic, these antique terracotta tiles are well-suited for any room in your house. Traditional Materials specializes in locating unique antique tiles that are truly individualized. We find these terracotta tiles in fine residences,  old farmhouses, storage cellars, and roofs throughout Europe.


Antique Blanc Rose Terracotta

This terracotta is found only in a small area in France.   All Hand made square tiles in colors of  cream, salmons, and soft reds make this a highly desirable floor. The tiles are very durable and maintenance free and take very well to a clear or stain wax application.    Most of the floors we source  date  as far back at the 17th century. These reclaimed tiles measure approximately,     6” x 6”   and    8” x 8” and even  hexagons up to 10 inch width.  These recycled terracotta ranges in thickness from 1” to 1¼” and we take great care to batch and group them together as to thickness and sizes.


Antique Spanish Parefeuille

These terracotta tiles are actual antique, reclaimed, hand-made clay tiles from southeastern Spain. Up to 250  years in age, the tiles were used for various roofing applications in Spanish farmhouses, barns and other buildings where the roof pitch was relatively flat. The coloration varies in mixed ranges  of yellows and has accents in light pinks and various reds.   Antique Spanish Parefeuille tiles are approximately   6” x 8” x 1”  thickness. They vary in size and color depending on the area and temperature of the wood burning ovens. Antique Spanish Parefeuille is used primarily indoors.   It can be used outside in non-freeze areas only.  The owners of these tiles would, in many cases seal them with just olive oil and different local waxes and thus if the floors got spilled on it just enhanced their patina and richness.