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Traditional Materials is a family owned and operated company based out of Southern California. The family has traveled the world in search of the finest building elements & reclaimed building elements and recycled garden elements, including wood and stone flooring, and now we offer them to you. We also offer reclaimed roof tiles, recycled terra cotta flooring, vintage beams and antique fountains, pots & planters and many other salvaged building materials.


We are very passionate and proud about what we do, what we sell, and our well-earned reputation and great customer satisfaction with our clients.


We provide timely delivery and offer the very best prices in the industry. We and our partners have extensive yards and quarries both in the US and throughout Europe and offer one of the largest inventories of rare, antique, reclaimed materials and have the depth of resources to find exactly what you are looking for. If you are searching for truly unique one-of-a-kind products or reproductions you need look no further.


We look forward to working with you and assisting in all your architectural and design needs.

Leader in supplying wholesale reclaimed, recycled, salvaged stone, wood, and terra cotta floors and flooring. Specialize in reclaimed limestone, Italian (tranni) flooring, reclaimed French flooring, (Delle de Bourgogne), and old Jerusalem stone flooring.
Roofing Terra Cotta Wood Beams Stone Used Bricks
reclaimed materials reclaimed materials reclaimed materials reclaimed materials reclaimed materials
Extensive green building materials, reclaimed building materials, such as doors, gates, ironwork, stone and marble garden elements, pots, urns, planters, troughs, fountains, surrounds, iron gates.Major importer of used bricks and cobblestones driveways. Contact us regarding our vast selection and expertise in providing different species of salvaged wood beams, wide plank flooring, and barn siding: such as beech, birch, cherry, chestnut, doug fir, elm, hickory, oak, pine, poplar and walnut all fumigated and bug treated ready for installation.Reclaimed antique building materials not only add patina old world charm to your home and also help save the planet… PLEASE go GREEN


If you have any questions and wish to contact our representatives locations:
Laguna Beach, California: (949) 218-1888
San Juan Capistrano, California:(949) 218-1888
Santa Barbara, California: (805) 895-9200
San Diego, California: (949) 218-1888
Huntington Beach, California: (949) 218-1888
San Francisco / Bay Area, California: (831) 238- 2171
San Jose : (831) 238- 2171




Traditional Materials provides the finest new and reclaimed building materials offered anywhere in the World. We invite you to visit our two showrooms in Laguna Beach and Montecito, California. Please come and see our extensive inventory.

Traditional Materials is one of the largest and respected companies specializing in: European, Spanish, French, Italian green recycled roofing. Offering French, Spanish and Italian Terra Cotta roofing tiles to name just a few.
Reclaimed architectural elements – antique architectural salvage wholesale suppliers to the trade
Leader in supplying wholesale reclaimed floors, green build and flooring. reclaimed wood beams used, roofing, garden elements, fireplaces, antique fountains, terra cotta roofing, and terra cotta flooring.We carry a vast selection of used, and resues reclaimed cobblestones and reused bricks, antique wood doors, limestone, limestone flooring, antique wood beams, marble and more! Unique garden and landscaping design ideas with formal or antique garden pots, planters and large urns that will add color and dimension to your home. Antique Jerusalem Stone | Reasons for Buying Used and Reclaimed Wood. Come see our blog. Casey’s New Years Trip to Eastern Europe searching for new materials and architectural ideals.