Interior Decorator’s Favorite Holiday Picks

Interior Decorator’s Favorite Holiday Picks

When decorating for the holidays, we get a mix of tradition and trying something new. That’s why looking for inspiration is important, so we turn to the ones that know the most. For renowned interior designers, this time of year presents a unique opportunity to showcase their creativity and craft captivating holiday spaces. Here, we’ve collected some holiday decor perspectives and experiences from well-known interior designers.

#1 – Try Adding Green and Natural Elements

Atlanta native interior designer Andi Morse says that natural elements not only look beautiful but also bring a wonderful holiday atmosphere. She sticks to them by using wreaths with ribbons, natural Holly in lots of places and stringing greenery in archways and along banisters. She also wraps her gifts in recycled paper with strings around them and adds pinecones or other natural elements.

Designer Amy Lau also likes to keep it natural and local. Since she travels to her homeland, Arizona, during the holidays, her decorations include natural flowers from the desert, such as blooming flowers, sculptural and unique succulents, cacti, and anything that is indigenous to the area, mixing in some complementary flowers with the scheme.

#2 – Go Big and Go Bold

Roz Murphy says that the holidays are the perfect opportunity to try maximalism. He incorporates metallic ribbons, ornaments, subtle colors, monochromatic schemes with the Christmas tree and garlands and large-scale wreaths and bows.

Sara Peak agrees with this and says that more is more. She’s not “afraid of being dramatic” and loves to use large oversized candlesticks with smaller objects around them and centerpieces with large ceramic bowls when decorating her diner table.

#3 – Keep Family Traditions

The holidays have a lot to do with family and generational traditions. When Eliza Harris, from Sister Parish Design, decorates for Christmas, she fills every room in the house with paperwhite flowers, Rigaud candles, and red tins of Lazzaroni Amaretti cookies honoring her great-grandmother’s iconic firm Parish Hadley. Eliza also keeps the Parish Hadley signature wrapping style with stiff white paper and thick satin ribbon.

Bridget Romanek sticks to one of the most characteristic family holiday traditions, which is to put their daughters’ gifts in big bags from Sant and wake up early on Christmas day to watch them open them, along with a big breakfast.

#4 – Get Crafty and Creative

Whether you are on a budget or want to get creative with your loved ones, getting crafty is an option. Designer Laura Hodges uses dried flowers and grasses for wreaths, floral arrangements, and garlands for the holidays.

Leah Atkins also follows this tendency of using natural elements for handmade decorations. She puts together a few branches from a Magnolia tree in a vase or strung as a garland. Atkins also uses a dried orange garland and dried cranberries and oranges with cloves in them and decorates them with her family.

Giving your Home a Special Touch on the Holidays

These interior designers take the holidays as an opportunity to take nature elements into their homes and follow family traditions that bring their loved ones close. If you’re seeking to elevate your own holiday decor, explore the realm of do-it-yourself ornaments that can be crafted alongside your nearest and dearest. Let this be a time to celebrate not just the art of design but also the joy of shared experiences that make the holiday season truly special.

Written by Geraldine Orentas