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Traditional Materials’ Terracotta –Roofing Tiles

It is true that since the Roman times ( 44BC- 1453AD ), terracotta has been used to make roofing and flooring tiles, and masterworks such as the olive jars (Orci), lemon pots / orange pots (Conche) and statues used in the construction and the decoration of European Villas and farmhouses. The distinguishing characteristic of this clay (Argilla) is represented by its unique range of soft warm colors, its texture and patina.

Antique Italian caps

Terra cotta clay roofing barels measure in 2 major different sizes 16+/-in long and approximately 18inch long in either reds or all yellow, ochre, cream colors. Our roofers use about 250 pieces per roofing square which equates to about 2.5 pieces per square foot.

This roofing as all our reclaimed, recycled, antique, and reused roofing can be used in ocnjunction with our new Spanish, Italian, French barels or barells made by US companies.

 New terracotta is still traditionally crafted according to the highest standards. Both antique and new terra cotta are among Europe’s sought after treasures. These treasures have spread in popularity among the United Sates and have become a fine commodity. It is difficult to tell the difference. Only the trained eye of an artisan can distinguish the difference between the two.

Traditional Materials imports fine reclaimed Italian/ French Terra Cotta roof tiles directly from France, Tuscany & Northern Italy. The consistency and patina and the range of forgiving warm colors add a unique feel to an estate or property. The century old hand -made roof-tiles are carefully selected wrapped & crated before shipping.

Barrels in Italian are called Coppo. The Flat- pans are known in Italian as Tegola.

This term come from primarily the Tuscan region Italy the peninsula and the Mediterranean area Italy. These materials are usually imported, and are over 180 years old and every pieces is HAND MADE and unique in size and color not two pieces are alike.

SIZES of ITALIAN ROOFING: Random approximated since handmade from a mixture of local clay and water. The local clay giving the tiles either yellows (Ochres) or reds and roses

New & Reproduction:

Traditional Designs imports New or Reproduction Terra Cotta roof-tiles manufactured in both Italy & France. New natural clay roof-tiles are manufactured according to tradition and the utmost highest standards, available in various sizes, colors and patina. Ask your TM specialist concerning these.

 French Flat Roofing

 French Flat roofing from Normandy France area where it got its name… tiles are about 1/2 inch+/-thick 12 inch long 5 inches wide.  There is a smaller size version of this seen more prevalent near Leon, which happens to be the second largest city in France.  The Normandy architecture is famous world- wide.  
This roof style is known only from France but is copied in other areas of the globe in other countries and is reproduced both in France, England and the United states.

 Roofing from red terra cotta indigenous to the Northern France area is different of course from the flat slate roofing made famous and used extensively in the British Isles of England, Wales and Ireland and Scotland. Note the complete contrast to the Barrell or Copo of Tuscan style roofing known from Portugal & Spain.

MEDITERRANEAN MIX COLOR ROOFING from Southern Italy: Color is peach, ochre yellows and oranges variations and from 10 to 20% reds always mixed combination of colors which makes them so popular with architects AIA, designers, builders & roofing companies.

COPPO weigh about 2.3 lbs each.size is about 5.5inc wide at the small base end and about 7.5 inches wide are the larger base end… Tegola flat pan is tapered.

TEGOLA or flat pan in Italian  are ( 9+/-) at small base end and 13inch wide approximately at large base end  by  about 19 to 20 inches long  and weigh (+/- 3) lbs each.

TUSCAN ROOFING is Always RED IN COLOR AND measurement:  about a little over l to 2 inches larger in length, the larger the tile the more coverage on a roof. The colors inherent and integral to the clay tiles changes and matures and antiques with more character as the years go by Hundreds of years of weather changing conditions make these tiles a “one of a kind” great reclaimed antiqued look.

Many times we reclaim and provide these tiles with moss, lichen, and previous growth on them particularly where there existed a lot of moisture on the roofs


 Mediterranean mix with flat pan for bottoms and Coppo barrels Tops for the tops over the flat pans and Barrel or Coppos for the Tops are about 120 per roofing square, for a total of about 240 or more tiles per roofing square

 Tuscan Red:  Flat pan for bottom layer about 90 flat pans per roof square and barrel.  Coppo top in combination (as shown in pictures) 110 barrel tiles per roof sq. for a TOTAL of about 210 or more per roofing square.

 Coverage of tiles per square foot or quantities will vary and always the on clients, designers, architects and /or roofers purchase enough tiles to make a sample and then have the qualified roofing company determine the quantities required for the job.

Although Traditional Materials, maintains a large stock of reclaimed roofing from Italy, Spain Portugal France and Eastern Europe as well as Latin America.   It is recommended that clients order this material at least 3 to 4 months ahead of when the roof needs to arrive on the job site or load the roof.

 Flat Tiles

Traditional Materials ‘ Flooring

Old World Meets The Modern Age

Traditional Materials’ stone has been around for hundreds if not thousands of years.

This is the reason people love our material & why Limestone is so popular in Europe, where the material is cultivated.

We take layers upon layers of stone and cut them into workable building squares that Builders & Architects can appreciate. Larger,

thicker Lime stones are available upon request with the proper size order / job.

Terra Cotta was used by many ancient civilizations including the Romans and is also remarkably durable.

Terracotta is formed by baking clay in a kiln. Softer than stone, but can still be used for flooring as Traditional Materials has shown, usually to give a Spanish feel with warm internal colors.

Whether admiring the golden hues of Antique Jerusalem Stone, appreciating the complex textures of French Antique Limestone or marveling at the unfamiliar patterns and pigmentation of Antique Spanish Marble, TM offers unique choices of reclaimed materials you simply cannot get from any other source.

These one of a kind, salvaged stone floors feature variation in size, color, texture and patina, making each floor a stunning, timeless work of art in your home, commercial property or Resort Landscape

Dalle de France is a specific procedure premeditated to age limestone which was developed to accommodate the unusually large number of chateaux, palace and museum restorations undertaken in France each year. In these uses, the newly quarried limestone needs to counterpart, as closely as possible, the existing antique limestone in these historical buildings. Because of the authentic antique look and feel to the stone, we have utilized the Dalle de France like no other company could or ever will.


Dalle de France finishes on many different types of stone. The Dalle de Jerusalem collection was created to emulate the best qualities of antique stone floors from our finest partner quarries in Israel. Each stone receives individual, hand-crafted aging and attention to give a well-worn look and patina. Dalle de Jerusalem floors are extremely versatile and available in many patterns and sizes. As a result of high demand for rare, weathered antique limestone, Exquisite Surfaces has developed an exclusive line of newly quarried stone aged to resemble century’s worn floors. Our aging method has taken years to perfect and is done completely by hand. Floors are individually aged to ensure consistency and quality.


Brushed limestone floors such as Coulmier and Neuilly Jaune exude a more distressed and weathered texture. The golden hues and heavy variation are perfect for outdoor

Applications and to achieve a rustic look indoors.

Traditional Material’s Salvaged Wood

Unlike most salvaged wood on the market, which is cut from old wood construction beams,

Traditional Materials antique French oak is pulled from actual wood flooring installed in French homes and farmhouses.

From large country house boards to more refined Parisian small planks, each piece is sensibly

selected and is typically re-grooved or planed to ease the installation process. Intricate patterns are also fabricated from these salvaged wood planks and can be completely customized. In addition, we offer custom installation by our sister company TIMELESS WOOD FLOORING .

( combined there is  65 years of experience. Installing antique wood enables us to guide clients through the unusual challenges encountered with these beautiful, one of a kind floors.


TM offers a full range of options for authentic, French oak floors. From classic salvaged and reclaimed antique French oak floors to modern engineered European contemporary floors, we only offer the very highest quality wood flooring, old and new. Our exclusive hand-crafted Aged French Oak is available in multiple patterns and finishes.

Collection Description: Favored for important architecture since the down of civilization, stone tile has long signified luxury and refinement. Our Stone Tile Collection offers unrivaled variety, with a palette extending from sumptuously hued marbles to subtly toned limestones and a nearly endless selection of finishes — mattem polishedm brushed, hammered, tumbled, antiqued. We trust that in our vast selection, you will find the perfect Stone Tile to make your vision a treasured reality.

Traditional Materials has pioneered the reclamation of both antique stone and terracotta from its inception in 1992. We have developed a system to discover and preserve original floors from around the world.

Dalle Slabs Provence, FR


Few things in life symbolize French country flooring more than terra cotta

The extraordinary warm colors, the stunning hues and variations, the hand-molded shapes all define the essence and rustic charm of French country living. From salvaged antique terra cotta floors to newly produced, hand-made traditional terra cotta tiles, Exquisite Surfaces offers numerous options for recreating this French country flooring tradition. A recent addition from Spain, stunning Alicante Black Terra Cotta tiles present a dramatically darker flooring option. With hues and patterns reminiscent of French country living from centuries past, Exquisite Surfaces offers newly hand-made terra cotta tiles to provide your home with a look of French country charm. We offer a selection of three warm colors and various sizes in order to provide an array of combinations when selecting your ideal terra cotta floor. Newly quarried stone is also available to order in any quantity over 2000 s.f. Whilst it pays homage to the rare antique originals, the uses of newly quarried stone have evolved to suit the needs of today. Call our Representative to find out more about terra

cotto & other flooring materials.

Whether ancient or modern, flooring supplied by Traditional Materials
will be a unique, hard-wearing embellishment to any home.



Traditional Materials specializes in the reclaiming of antique limestone floors from manor houses, chateaux and farms and in their successful incorporation into new projects Both fused Modernly or Traditionally. Since ancient times, stone has been fashioned by people into an infinite variety of structures, from pre-historic burial mounds to medieval churches, castle stockades and grand manors. Prized for their durability and inherent natural beauty, these period floors display a patina that only comes with centuries of being walked on, washed and weathered by time.



Wood plank floors come quickly to mind when one thinks of rooms exuding warmth and casual charm. Traditional wood floorboards in random lengths and widths in your choice of antique French oak or baked European oak The oak floors we reclaim from ancient buildings throughout France display a depth and character not found in any new oak floor. Most of our antique floorboards are 18th century, some are much earlier, and none are less than a hundred years old. With an eye to the dwindling supply and the growing demand for this exquisite material, we now also offer baked European oak as an alternative. The baking process renders the wood stable, virtually eliminating problems such as warping, shrinkage, and termite damage. It also imparts color to the boards, giving them an antique appearance without the need for staining.


As large quantities of antique parquet panels are no longer available, we manufacture new parquet panels made from antique French oak floorboards. Using time-honored methods, each panel is made with mortises, tenons, and oak pegs. No glue is used in the construction, which allows for natural expansion and contraction thereby reducing splitting. It is now possible to own a floor made from 18th century French oak, to an 18th century pattern, using 18th century techniques with all the warmth and ambience of a period patterned floor. We also offer these antique patterns, made with the same care and attention, using new baked European oak


Wood plank floors come quickly to mind when one thinks of rooms exuding warmth and casual charm. Traditional offers wood floorboards in random lengths and widths in your choice of antique French oak or baked European oak floors we reclaim from ancient buildings throughout France display a depth and character not found in any new oak floor. Most of our antique floorboards are 18th century, some are much earlier, and none are less than a hundred years old. With an eye to the dwindling supply and the growing demand for this exquisite material, we now also offer baked European oak as an alternative. The baking process renders the wood stable, virtually eliminating problems such as warping, shrinkage, and termite damage. It also imparts color to the boards, giving them an antique appearance without the need for staining



Wood beams make a great addition to any interior or exterior project. Whether it is for a mantle above a fireplace in a master bedroom or living area, timber spans across a living room, or structural beams for a deck or pergola, authentic antique wood beams from TM provide a robust, warm, and genuine feel. Traditional Materials & Designs offers a variety of wood beams obtained from turn-of-the-century structures. From Antique Hand Hewn Wood Beams, which retain the original axe marks left behind by the artisan who created them by hand, and Antique Rough Sawn Wood Beams, which have a refined rustic appeal and include teeth marks from the saw blade as the wood was first milled. Traditional Materials & Designs also provide custom-crafted box beams, which are crafted from antique barn siding or from antique beams.


Old Growth Wood
This Old Growth wood is high- quality due to its age and uses physiognomies than most new growth wood that is sold by Traditional’s competitors. The tighter grain, the intriguing character marks and the deeper colors, once you see “old growth” wood you will never be content with the new cheap wood out there on the market.

Salvaged, Recycled and Reclaimed Wood

Substantial part of our passion and work endeavors revolves around salvaged, recycled and reclaimed materials. With wood – We obtain our recycled wood  from structures over 100 years old (minimum) or salvaged wood from structures 50 years old? There are certainly differences in these terms (salvaged, antique, recycled, and reclaimed). Some of our yields such as Antique Wood countertops were salvaged from cathedrals and or estates in Europe and domestic. We harvest a great majority of our beams from barns and ranches in the Midwest and back East in U.S. The finished look is just as enthralling and distinctive as it would be originated from a European setting.


 Antique Wood Beams

Antique wood beams are generally hand hewn or sawn. Wood beams come in all sizes and many species such as:

  • White Oak
  • White Pine
  • Cherry (very rare)
  • Maple or
  • Beech
  • Chestnut
  • Walnut

High eminence hand hewn antique wood beams are sold by the board foot. Slighter quality wood beams are sold by the linear foot. They are not only visual appealing, but are also used ornamentally as mantle pieces in estates. The beauty of the antique wood beam is entirely unrestricted in appearance and depends on personal taste.

Antique wood beam with natural character, holes and mortise pockets, which all add to the appeal of the old beam, are authentic to the material. Chestnut, Cherry, or Black Walnut wood beams, if available, bring a premium price because of the rarity and beauty of the patina. Some designers & architects may desire their antique wood beams to be clean without any cutouts (this is extremely rare). These requirements are hard to find and are not as authentic. Remember, you will live with these wood beams for a long time and making a selection in keeping with the structure is very important. We can provide timbers as large as20 inches by20 inches wide and over40 feet in length.


Hewn Beams and Timbers

Hand hewn beams and timbers are best used in a nonstructural decorative design, but our Antique Fir, Antique Heart Pine, and Vintage Pine wood beams can all be used in structural designs.

Sawn Wood Beams

Sawn wood beams give a more finished look when exposed in a room. They may be rough sawn or sanded or planed smooth, yet still give a historic look. Sawn wood beams make beautiful accents as rails and room dividers and mantles.

Vintage Beams and Timbers

Vintage beams and timbers offer a more cost effective method of attainment in a historic look. Using several different finishes, vintage wood beams can be made into wonderfully “in place” elements in new construction and restoration construction. Many of our vintage beams and timbers are kiln dried.



Traditional Materials Beam Wraps

Beam wraps provide a decorative resolution for layering structural components such as steel, concrete or factory made micro-lam beams. Wraps can provide a more natural, rustic looking alternative to sheet rocking or painting over these supports.

Beam wraps also cover structural components such as steel, concrete or factory made micro-lam beams- which no one really enjoys looking at. Wraps can provide a more natural, country look which is a great alternative to sheet rocking or painting over these supports. Also beam wraps are a lot less permanent.

Beam wraps are wood planks fastened around these support components to simulate the look of a real beam. The finish can vary from a simple boxed beam to a more realistic look by using the old faces or “skins” from four sides of an antique rough sawn or hand hewn wood beam. If installed correctly, these old face planks produce a nearly seamless fit and an authentic look and are hard to distinguish from a solid beam.

 We Have Your Wood Beams Covered Here at Antique and Vintage Woods

Whatever your needs, our rustic wood beams are more than able to handle the tasks you put to them. We at Antique and Vintage Woods of America know that you deserve only the most reliable wood beams available. Let us make our wood’s history yours.


Reclaimed Antique Oak Description:  This is a mixture of domestic red and white American Oaks.  Oak is one of the cornerstone woods in North America and worldwide. Oak beams have always been a traditional and good choice for solid construction.  They divulge a sense of stability and strength in a structure.  Due to being a mixture of various oaks, American oak beams age very alike and prove effective in securing oak beams.

Reclaimed Antique Oak Specifications: Antique Rough Sawn Beams are sold As-Is, with no alteration. Additional options (Attributes) are available below.








Surface Cleaned

Surface cleaning is a step in which we remove all of the nails, bolt, and other construction debris from the material.  This is a hard and tedious job that requires a lot of Skill and patience.

Surface Washed
We use pressure washers to clean and remove any loose dirt and bring out the deep patina of the wood.  This step also helps to ensure that you will not find dirt embedded in the wood.

Kiln Drying
One of the most important steps you can take to ensure that your wood is stable and free of any insects.  We highly recommend that all reclaimed wood be kiln dried in a kiln capable of reaching high temperatures before being installed.

Re – sawn 1 through 4 sides
Re sawing the material can be the perfect way to achieve a perfectly flat surface on antique lumber allowing for easy installation.  This may also be the way to achieve a desired look with the lumber.

Planed Smooth, Wire Brushed and Distressed Textures
Traditional Materials offers a wide range of texture options including planning the material smooth(s1s through s4s), and wire brushing the material to raise the grain. Please contact us for more information of other available textures.

Our hard wood “sister company” Timeless Wood Flooring handles ALL of Traditionals’ install needs. Also included in the package is free maintenance of you floors for 2 years, Ask a sales executive for more details on this great maintenance warranty.

Covered in character, every beam has been carefully created using little more than a broad axe and simple hand tools, then aged to perfection and reclaimed for re-use.  The axe marked texture of these beams is truly unique and no two beams are alike, having their own one-of-a-kind signature.  Antique Hand Hewn Barn Beams and Timbers are sought after for their raw, ancient, truly rustic feel.

Antique Hand Hewn Wood Barn Beams and Timbers, the forbearers of the antique rough sawn beam, imbue the story of our forefathers and carry that rustic, vibrant history into any space they occupy.


Some customers prefer the more refined look of re-sawn beams for your project, yet want to utilize reclaimed antique beams for environmental, aesthetic or old world quality purposes, then Antique Re-sawn Beams are a superb solution.  TM&D Timbers have the capability to mill re-sawn beams from any of our antique reclaimed beams to your specifications.  We are also able to create many different surface textures to match the look you are seeking.  From rough sawn, to planed smooth, to wire brushed or hand planed, our shop staff has the tools and know-how to create many different looks and feel for your beams.  Antique Beams, Re-sawn to your exact dimensions, are a great addition to any project.

Offering Hand crafted textures applied to French Oak beams allows us to create a beam that is more true to dimensions as well as create almost any size of beam imaginable. With these decorative wooden beams our designers & builders are capable of completing the look they are pining after, the sizes they must have and at a price- point that is very affordable.

All of our hand crafted texture beams are made right here locally in California, in our mill shop by our own skilled craftsmen. We custom make each beam one at a time, it’s a lengthy process and requires attention to detail by a skilled artisan. Each beam hill have its own signature left behind by the craftsman who made it just like the ones created over 100 years ago. Weathered to rustic perfection. No two planks of antique barn wood siding are the same






TM & Designs Barn siding is reclaimed from century old buildings, barns, or cathedrals – dilapidated or no longer applicable to modern ages in Europe. We provide our siding as-is, de-nailed, power washed, and kiln dried. Whatever state you desire you’re siding in, we can provide it. Antique Barn Wood Siding is available in a variety of sizes as well as a wide range of color and texture types.

Reclaimed timber happens to be air dried over a period of several years. As a result is extremely constant, reducing the tendency to shrivel, twist, and pull apart. Traditional Material’s reclaimed beams are available in distinctive large sizes and lengths which are often difficult to obtain through traditional green lumber suppliers.We provide dry, stable, high grade,  reclaimed timbers which are available in heart center and to a more limited extent, free of heart center configurations. For structural applications, we can provide an independent grade certification to satisfy your building department requirements.
Now we will start explaining the types of reclaimed timbers, beams, and mantels we offer arranged by species and by the individual appearances alternatives available for each species. As a generality, we supply recycled timbers in the original condition with an antique patina and/or paint which can be used as is or distressed/sandblasted by your contractor/ builder on the jobsite. Alternatively, our mill can provide you with a hand – hewn, sawn, sanded, wire brushed, or surfaced appearance to meet your style expectations.