Traditional Materials only sells the very finest quarried limestones, granite & marble reclaimed flooring throughout the world.

From the rolling hills of Tuscany to the insanely beautiful valleys of Provence, each and every piece of Traditional limestone tells a story.

What will your story tell?

Italian Reclaimed Stone Flooring

Our fine limestone can be used for exterior projects as well as interior ones.

The main goal of traditional is to provide a setting that is uniquely special to every owner. A touch of 18th century in France, a splash of 17th century in Italy .

European Reclaimed Stone Flooring

Our flooring can date back all the way to the 16th century in Europe. Authentic materials quarried in France, Italy and Spain. These materials are “reclaimed”- meaning brought back to its natural or original state.

Traditional Materials offers a large variety of beautiful limestone slabs that have been reclaimed from manor home floors
and farmhouse ceilings in France, as well as church floors in Belgium and sidewalks in Spain & Italy. Although these are very hard limestone
varieties, centuries-long wear and tear have produced a striking natural worn surface. These slabs, however, remain extremely durable, enhanced with a dramatic patina that is unmatched in the flooring industry. Our antique “Dalle de Bourgogne”, “Belgium Bluestone”, “Barre de Gris” and “Jerusalem stone” floorings with their time-worn edges, gently scarred surfaces, and smooth appearances create magnificent floors with a wide spectrum of warm colors and shades.

All our antique limestone slabs are cut down to a thickness of 1 1/4” to allow installation on regular sub floors. Vintage Elements also offers new
Dalle de Bourgogne and Jerusalem limestone floorings. We recommend installation in a medium-to-thick mortar bed to accommodate slight variations in thicknesses for all our stone. Based on the shape of these antique slabs, installation patterns will vary from random or roman bond to a stacked or running bond. Our antique limestone floors will add up to 25 lbs per sq.ft. of weight to your floor.

European Reclaimed Stone Flooring

Antique Dalle de Bourgogne 

Salvaged from France’s renowned Bourgogne region, Antique Dalle de Bourgogne is very dense and hard perfect for flooring. The gorgeous patina ranges from ochre to grey.

Traditional – Materials’ Stone and Reclaimed Stone – Overview


It indeed takes generations of use and wear to retain the remarkable appearance and patina of Traditional – Materials ® Antiqued
Limestone. We have pieces dating back to the 15th Century- Europe. Our selection includes the famous Dalle’ de Bourgogne and Dalle de Jerusalem. True pieces of history, these coveted materials endow any project with an added dimension of authenticity and antiquity. Pricing depends on size of project size.

European Reclaimed Stone Flooring


Traditional – Materials has a large selection of Rustic French limestone sourced both domestically and abroad.  Available in a wide range of standard sizes,they can be custom cut to enhance all your interior and exterior flooring and architectural needs. The natural beauty and understated elegance of their timeless finishes add warmth and character to any project.

European Reclaimed Stone Flooring


TM’s  contemporary collection of limestone is available in honed or softly brushed finishes. The patina of warm colors and cool undertones of these resilient natural stones fits any interior beautifully, wether traditional, transitional or modern. Or a combination of both, very popular on the West Coast and Modern Europe cities.

 TraditionalMaterials’ Terra Cotta
Antique, Handmade and Reclaimed

At Traditional Materials we strive for the ultimate quality in all our materials. We source our Terra Cotta from all over Europe, but primarily from Italy,  France  &  Spain.

Terra Cotta has been used for many hundreds of years as a great flooring choice for a warm, rustic, and Traditional Mediterranean look.   Each authentic reclaimed  tile is slightly different in texture, color shape  giving the floor a distinctive old world charm & patina.

French Reclaimed LimeStone Flooring

Having often endured many years of foot traffic, these antique terra cotta tiles are well-suited for any room in your house and make great outdoor patios and walkways . Traditional Materials specializes in locating the highest quality of these unique antique reclaimed and recycled tiles.  We carefully select through and sort by size, color and patina to insure a  truly individualized floor that our clients can be proud of.  We find these terra cotta tiles in villas,  old farmhouses, outbuildings,  storage cellars, and roofs throughout France, Italy

 12 x 12 inch Spanish & French Terra CottasSpanish Terra Cotta Reclaimed Flooring

Antique Blanc Rose tile, the most-rare of terracotta is found only in a relatively small area of France.Hand molded square tiles in delicate tones of cream, pinks and soft reds make this a highly individual and unusual floor. The tiles, were seldom made after the 19th century, and most of the floors we source date as far back at the 17th century. Antique Blanc Rose is available in approximate sizes of:    6” x 6” ,   8” x 8”  , 10”  x  10  “  and
hexagon shaped tiles either 6” or 8 “.  Antique terra cotta ranges in normally in thickness from ¾”  to 1 inch.   They also come in rectangular  shapes.

Spanish Rose Terra Cotta Reclaimed Flooring

Antique Spanish Parrefeuille

These terra cotta tiles are authentic recycled and reclaimed, hand-made clay tiles from southeastern Spain.  Up to 250 years in age, the tiles were used for various flooring and roofing applications in Spanish farmhouses, barns and  estates. The coloration varies in
hues of yellow/ochres  and has accents in pinks and reds.    Reclaimed  Spanish Parrefeuille  tiles are approximately   5”x10”,
6”x8”,  11”x11”  and  3/4 “ to   1” +/-  in thickness.  They vary in size and color depending on the “individual hand  creator” and temperature of the burning ovens.  This is such a wonderful indoor or outdoor flooring accent to any home. We pride ourselves on the selected inventory we sell.

Antique Parrefeuille TerracottaSpanish Terra Cotta Reclaimed Flooring

Parrefeuille tiles were used throughout the southern part of France.   The colors of ochres, creams, varying rose colors are indigenous of the entire Mediterranean.  These tiles are carefully selected by Traditional Materials from the Languedoc region of France. Antique Parrefeuille tiles were handmade and fired in wood-burning kilns, a practice that ceased in the 19th century. Made from local earth, roughly sieved, to give them their varied texture and stunning pink and ochre tones, these tiles are up to 300 years in age. They are still relatively plentiful, allowing a genuine period character to be introduced into almost any room at a very reasonable cost. Antique Parrefeuille tiles are approximately   8” x 14” x ¾” to 1 inch thickness. They vary in size and color because they were all hand made.  Reclaimed and reused Parrefeuille is used
primarily indoors.  Easily used outside in non-freezing areas.

French Antique Terra Cotta

French Antique Terra Cotta Reclaimed Flooring

French Rectangle Terra Cotta in Ochre, mix & Rose / French Hexagons mix colors w light wax.

These terracotta tiles are actual antique reclaimed, handmade clay tiles from the Loire Valley, Bordeaux and Provence regions of France, respectively. The tiles were the traditional materials used for floor covering in every room of a building. Molded by hand and fired in wood burning kilns, these tiles will immediately impact the European country feeling that is so desired in homes

Antique Red Hexagon Terracotta- Hand-made clay tiles from the Loire Valley, Bordeaux and Provence regions of France, this terracotta is up to three hundred years in age. The transient shape and unconstrained coloration have made this a much beloved floor throughout France and now the world. Typically the tile is reclaimed from county houses but is found in a wide range of structures. Antique Red Terracotta is usually found in 6” or 8” tile, but like all hand-made antique materials size can vary. The thickness varies around 1¼”. Primarily used indoors and outside in non-freeze areas only.