Reclaimed French and Italian pots


Rustic French and Italian Pots and Vats



Antique Italian Garden Pot      Antique Italian Garden Pot

 The potters of today aim to link up with the past while remaining faithful to the traditional craftsmanship of the golden days of the European garden element.

Know-how and a respect for authenticity have allowed our potters to attain pride of place among the businesses associated with the making of traditional and contemporary garden pots.
In many ways, the garden pot has always managed to keep its original identity, and through many creations, and the soul of garden pottery has remained intact.
In France the types of clays necessary to create the garden pots are resourced from deep in the heart of Cevennes, from Anduze to Grange, by way of Dufort, thus creating authentic pieces of work, instantly recognizable from their shape and color tints.

And from Italy, there is great diversity in the Italian pottery from the region of Tuscany.  Our “Tuscano” planters and pottery pieces range from the beautiful traditional pieces of Montelup’s “Foglia di Montepulo” to the exuberant contemporary pieces.