Wood Beams


Original Hand Hewn Beams (French Reclaimed)

Old Reclaimed Chestnut Ceiling And Beams





Traditional-Materials ‘ Antique timbers are salvaged from old barns, warehouses, bridges
and other homes located both domestically and in Europe. These buildings are
the source for reclaimed Douglas fir, white oak, old growth pine and many other
wood varieties that are prized for their color, size, strength and straight
grain. These reclaimed timbers come in sizes that are often unattainable in
timbers made today. Another source for reclaimed timbers are dead standing (from disease and forest fires),
old blow-down trees and long abandoned or old lost logs that are retrieved
through sustainable forest management practices.

Reclaimed timber and antique lumber can be used as is. This means constructing with available dimensions and accepting character marks, bolt holes, nail holes, notches, seasoning checks and cracking. Reclaimedwood timbers have a beauty, density and quality that is unique. Reclaimed beams are sought after for historical significance because they are recycled from buildings built around or before the turn of the last century.

Our reclaimed timbers come from old growth forests harvested decades ago. Recycling this salvaged wood also eliminates the need to cut our limit supply ofcurrent old growth forests.

timber by its very nature, taking hundreds of years to mature, was notconsidered for replanting and is now replaced by faster growing timber.

Old-growth wood beams produce beautiful re-sawn used lumber. This antique lumber has an appealing patina and the character marks, vintagepigments and nail holes,mortise pockets add to its personality and really accent a home nicely.  Whether you are building in old world or
modern masterpieces, beams are always a very treasured interior accent.

Materials’ reclaimed wood flooring includes such species as; Douglas fir,
Hardwood Barn Board, Chestnut, pine and Oak. The flooring is available in a
variety of appearances and sizes including wide plank flooring and long plank
flooring products. We also stock recycled narrow plank strip flooring
reclaimed from buildings in which it was previously installed. This typically
includes reclaimed Red & White Oak, Maple, and Pecan flooring. The
manufactured recycled wood flooring is available in both solid stock and
engineered flooring while the strip flooring is only available in solid and
is subject to availability. The Douglas fir, Hardwood Barn Board, and
Chestnut flooring are manufactured in a variety of widths and lengths,
including mixed width applications. The reclaimed strip flooring is usually
limited in width, length, and species to stock on hand.

The minimum
order using the price extensions below for the Recycled Douglas Fir, Reclaimed
Barn Wood, reclaimed oak flooring and Reclaimed Chestnut wood flooring is 500
SF. Smaller orders can be produced for an additional set-up charge or at the
pricing below if the client can wait for the order to be run concurrent with
another order. The minimum order for the Reclaimed Narrow Plank Wood Flooring
is 200SF.

All flooring products are shipped unfinished. All installation and finishing
is done by the client or the clients contractor and should be installed using
the guidelines provided by the National Wood Flooring Association. Vintage
can modify the appearance of many of the flooring products through bleaching
and/or different sanding techniques prior to delivery at additional cost.


Traditional Materials offers a variety of wood beams obtained  from old villas and estates both domestically and all throughout Europe.

Traditional Materials creates texture and cut marks  created by the saw blade which provide a timeless aesthetic that calls back to  a time when the human relationship with nature was more hands on. We value this  process and cherish the opportunity to create a room that will never be  forgotten.

Solid hand- hewn beams  make a fabulous addition to any interior or exterior project. Solid hand hewn beams are best in a  non-structural decorative design.

Antique hand hewn  beams provide a robust, warm and comfortable vibe.   Antique hand- hewn beams retain  the original axe marks left behind by the gifted artisan who crafted them.

Antique rough sawn wood  beams have a refined rustic appeal and include  teeth marks from the actual blade once it was initially milled. Sawn wood  beams  give a more finished look when exposed in any room of the estate. They may be rough sawn or sanded or planed smooth. Sawn wood beams from  Traditional Materials & Designs make beautiful accents as rails and mantels.

Antique Wood Beams- These beams with cutouts, peg holes and mortise cuts add to  the authenticity and character of these wood beams. Some clients may want their  antique wood beams to be  clean without cutouts. These requirements are almost impossible to find not to  mention diminish the authenticity. Keeping the integrity of the specie is vital  when deciding to go with antique beams.