Our Worldwide Travels


We have traveled the word for architectural treasures, and now we offer them to you.  Our list of reclaimed materials are carefully selected  from  major areas in France,  Normandy,  Burgundy and cote-d”Azur in the Mediterranean.  Other cities we travel to locate one of a kind, unique and  antiques materials include France are Arles , Apt, Lauzerte, Montauban, Castelsarrasin, Rousellon, Marseille, Montagne Santy-Victoire, and a beautiful area in the Dordogne (known for its historic buildings and caves and their famous liver and  duck  pate). And the wonderful picturesque city of Dome and capital city Perigueux.

In Italy we traveled tirelessly to scour the entire country, especially areas like Tuscany, Lazio and Campania on the west coast of Italy and Abruzzo and Apulia on the east coast, and the famous area of Umbria to the island of Sicily.  In Spain we concentrate the following areas of Andalusia, and around major cities of Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, and Valencia.

Reclaimed vintage clay and barrel roof tiles. Vintage old flat French and Italian clay roofing tiles.  Reclaimed old stone from Italy, France, Spain and Belgium and Latin America.  Reclaimed oak, elm, chestnut, walnut, maple, teak wood flooring. Reclaimed, reused and antique building materials from historical old buildings, sourced from French, Italian, Spanish, and European chateaus, military and government buildings, manor houses, farmhouses, as well as,  large country estates.  Our Unique and one of a kind handmade antique building materials and garden elements come from all  over the world especially Europe and south America.   French, European, Italian, Spanish, Belgium, and English reclaimed materials are sought after by many  contractors builders, architects and  interior and  landscape designers.   Clay Roof Tiles add originality, patina, charm, and great aesthetic value to any residential home or commercial project as do reclaimed old wood,  stone and terra cotta flooring.

Recycled and reclaimed roof terra cotta tiles from the mediteranian areas of Italy, Spain’s Andalucia region, and France.   We carefully select and sort recycled roof tiles according to size, shape, thickness and colors to suit clients specifications.  Also our new and antique reclaimed pots, urns, wine vats, fountains, and well heads come from this area.  Our clients worldwide try to recreate traditional style homes with our different product offerings and from our large inventory especially  terra cotta roof tiles, wood and stone flooring,  cobblestone pavers, landscaping elements and much sought after old beams.

Various materials can be reclaimed, and of course, there are benefits attached to reclaiming these materials. Examples of what our company specializes in include antique and vintage ceramic tiles, bricks,  roofing, bricks, doors, metal light fixtures, old gates, fireplaces, stairs, beams, timbers, wood and stone flooring, cobblestones, fountains and garden elements and so much more.    Sometimes, reclaimed materials may be adapted for a use different from what it was used for in the previous project. This is known as repurposing, and an example is where a roof supporting beam is used as a mantelpiece.

Traditional Materials llc, as a company, is  considered by many as an authority in this area and in the search and acquiring of the finest and most unique, one-of-a-kind, reclaimed building materials. We look for the finest reclaimed elements and make them available for your building projects.   We travel around the world to get the best reclaimed materials that you can use for your projects both residential or commercial.   Reclaimed roof tiles, vintage beams, antique fountains, recycled terracotta flooring, and other carefully rescued antique building materials from some of the most obscure and exotic places that with a long history of utilizing and implementing outstanding architectural quality.

As far as materials used for building projects are concerned, the most sustainable option is reclaimed materials, and especially over the past 30 years, there has been a constant demand for the construction industry to adopt sustainable practices. Reclaimed materials refer to those materials that have been used in past building projects which are then reused in another building project. Most of the time, reclaimed materials may be adapted, resized, altered, or refinished for the new project, but they do not go through complete reprocessing in any way.  It is very important these materials,  elements and objects of art,  retain their original form and integrity as they are used in the new project.


In addition to the beauty and uniqueness of reclaimed materials, the building industry has profound effects on the environment in many ways especially in terms of how much energy is consumed when working on new building projects. To lessen how much natural resources are used, and how much waste and pollution each project releases into the environment, going green makes sense for a healthier planet.

For example, it is estimated that to produce one cubic meter of wood flooring using virgin wood materials will consume an estimated 13 times the energy that reclaimed flooring will need. This process will also release almost five times of fossil carbon dioxide emissions than if reclaimed wood flooring were used.

Also, most usable old wood gets burned while the remaining ends up in landfills, which both contribute to the carbon emissions in the environment. So, rather than dispose of old wood, wouldn’t we all rather reclaim them and prevent all this additional carbon from being released into the atmosphere? The world today is seeing new building projects springing up, and many ancient buildings are giving way to these developments. Rather than have a huge stream of waste to deal with, or destroy vintage materials, redirecting the building materials from these ancient buildings and reusing them in the new development plays a significant role in ensuring sustainable building. There is a lot of waste coming from construction alone, and using reclaimed materials in new projects will reduce landfills drastically. Securing reclaimed materials from a site bears virtually zero impact on the environment and adds charm, value and uniqueness to your property.

For your next building project, please consider using reclaimed materials to help protect our environment.

Apart from this, the quality of the materials and high costs that come with the extraction of raw materials, in the production, manufacturing, and transporting of the new products is reason enough to consider our company’s reclaimed alternatives.  We pride ourselves on client satisfaction and offering the finest quality of product and at the most reasonable prices in the industry.


Reclaimed materials are best sourced from remodeling or demotion projects. There are projects like these all over the world where they carefully dismantle buildings so that their materials do not get damaged. These materials are then later sold to be reused in other projects.

The process of dismantling a building without damaging the materials used is called deconstruction.

Other places to find reclaimed materials include reclamation yards, salvage centers, and other companies that specialize in salvaging materials from demolished sites. This is why we travel around the world to source reclaimed materials which include architectural elements, antique reclaimed materials, and many more to help our clients achieve the design goals for their building projects at the most reasonable and competitive prices.

Our source designations include Normandy in the north of France, Marseilles, Roussillon and Montagne, all in France. We also go to Italy and scour areas like Lazio, Campania on the Italian west coast, Umbria and Tuscany, and also Apulia and Abruzzo on the Italian east coast, and the Island of Sicily.  We also frequent on buying trips to Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, and Seville in Spain. But for sure  we travel to many other places in the world to source these sought after recycled materials especially since its getting harder to find the high quality we specialize in offering you and our loyal clients.

At Traditional Materials, we sell the finest architectural elements and reclaimed building materials and have a well-deserved reputation for our recycled garden elements, stone flooring, wood flooring, vintage beams, barn wood siding, pots and planters, antique fountains, urns, planters and garden elements.   Regardless of your preferred style, whether French, Italian, Spanish, European, or Asian, be assured that we have something that you would like.

Reclaimed terracotta and other decorative building elements are carefully cleaned and inspected prior to shipping. We ensure that all our reclaimed materials are securely crated and fumigated in accordance to all US customs and agriculture requirements and then carefully packaged and delivered to our clients.